Friday, 16 August 2013

Something is about to happen

So, friends, we’re reaching the business end of this adventure.  Every Breath is about to go out into the world.  I am about to go on a blog tour.  I am learning the truth of that happy aphorism ‘if you want something done, give it to a busy person’ – these last few weeks have been insane.

I have been editing book 2 (Every Word), plus organising launches, answering blog questions, arranging fun stuff like badges and t-shirts, and visiting schools.  I’ve also started a new job, been horribly ill, dealt with family being ill, started writing a grant application (which is due in the week before the launch – WHY does everything happen at once?  Bad timing, guys, bad timing!) and did all the usual parenting/household stuff.

I’ve been trying to write book 3, but needless to say not a lot of writing has been done.  My head is full to bursting – stuff I need to do, stuff I’d like to do, things I’d like to write if I only had more time.

But hey, look outside!  Spring is slowly unfolding: the buds are out on the fruit trees, the weather has been craptacular but generally not as cold as it was four weeks ago, the fairy wrens and the currawongs are all going silly.  The daffodil bulbs that have not been eaten by the echidnas are starting to flower.  Our chooks are beginning to give us eggs again.  At night we hear the occasional gun pop, as local farmers keep the foxes off the spring lambs.

The season is changing, and something new is about to happen.

The air is starting to smell different.  I haven’t needed my electric blanket in my writing cave recently.  Maybe by the time the launch parties roll around I’ll be able to wear a dress, something that doesn’t involve four or five thermal layers.  I am so sick of leggings, I really cannot tell you.  I’m ready for a big exhale.

In spite of the busy-ness, it’s very exciting, this whole book launch thing.  Just in time for spring:)  I received my author copies – aren’t they gorgeous?

In other news, my friend Ali Daws wrote a lovely blog post about finding inspiration, and slogging on through the tough writing times.  He featured my little outhouse-study as an example of how you can keep going through adversity, and I have to admit that conditions have been pretty adverse of late – temperatures dropped to negative a few mornings, and trying to write with popsicle fingers kind of sucks.

But if you really love something, you kind of power on in spite of the obstacles.  Which makes you either a bit nutty, or really really determined, I guess.  And then before you know it, you turn around and…something has happened, something has emerged from it all.  Something that makes you feel really happy, something satisfying and new.

All right, enough philosophical rambling.  Here’s the update!

* School visits
I went to Castlemaine Secondary College and met a bunch of fantastic students from Rachael Webb’s classes.  
I met Madison, who won the CSC Every Breath book review comp, and her sister Sydney – these are the girls who are going to read the book and write a review, which will soon feature on this blog and Castlemaine newspapers.

On Monday 19 August, I’m going to be at Kyneton Secondary College, meeting people from the book club, and awarding the winner of the Every Breath short story comp.  I used to teach at Kyneton, so it will be a lovely trip back to my old stomping grounds!

* Blog tour
This is SO COOL – I get to visit other people’s blogs!  And some of them have already put up lovely welcoming banners – check it out!

Vegan YA Nerds - look at the vid! omg!

I’m also going to be dropping in at a bunch of other places, so when I have names and dates confirmed I’ll let you know.  And I’ll be doing a Goodreads giveaway soon too.  Until then, keep an eye out.

* Launches
This week I send out a bunch of invites to the two launch celebrations – if I didn’t send you one personally, I’m sorry, I honestly am trying to make sure I remember everybody!  Feel free to come along to either of the launches – if you’ve stopped by FB and seen the Official Launch invite, just click ‘yes’ and bobble along, or send me a note via email.(elliemarney[at]gmail[dot]com)

Remember, there are two parties.

Every Breath Official Book Launch
A big send-off by Carmel Shute, from Sisters In Crime, at Readings Carlton on Thursday 12 September at 6.30pm.  Reading, signing, drinkies, balloons, and maybe a nice cake.

Every Breath Castlemaine Big Bash
A celebratory launch party, where I get to drink too much champagne.  Kicking off at 6pm in the Castlemaine Library foyer on Friday 20 September.  Music, food, giveaways, books by Stoneman’s Bookroom, signings, posters, lots of people talking loudly over each other…a right honourable Castlemaine bash!

I’m looking forward to both events, and especially looking forward to seeing mates from Melbourne who I rarely get to visit.  My husband is sad, because 20 September is the Friday night of the AFL Preliminary Final.  Never mind, honey!

Next post, I’ll have another special YA Crime guest.  Until then, have a lovely week, and hope your spring has sprung.


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