Friday 14 March 2014


Okay – cue me, with the flailing hands again.

I swore black and blue that I’d get this up last week, but of course, I was distracted by the actual process of getting the book to the printers (yup, kinda necessary, that).  But now I get to share the shiny cover of Every Word with you.  Yes.

And here it is!

So lovely, right?  Lisa White has done an amazing job.  I can tell you at this point that the covers were designed by her well in advance – back when Every Breath was being designed, before I even had a full manuscript for Every Word ready to go – and the only detail she knew about Every Word was ‘London’.  So she has really been quite psychic about this cover, because it’s a great reflection of what’s inside (see how Mycroft’s looking all angsty?  Well, there’s a reason for that…)

I can also tell you now that Every Word will be officially released on 1 June 2014.  You can pre-order copies through the Allenand Unwin website, if you like, and feel free to drop over to Goodreads and add it to your list, if you have one.

What else has been happening?  SO MANY THINGS.  Oh my god, you know those weeks you have when you feel like the whirlwind has come to you, and everything seems to want to happen all at once?  That has been me, for the past few weeks.  I’ve been working other jobs, and writing grant proposals, and talking to folks in Canada about getting Every Breath released overseas in September, and writing Every Move, and doing copyedits for Every Word, and rewrites for Every Word, and, and…

Oh yes, my house!  It is so messy! (oh, my messy  messy house… *sob*)And my family!  We’ve had a birthday, and a school camp, and parent-teacher nights…all the usual exciting stuff. My head has been just a little full lately.  Last night, I had a dream about a haunted supermarket (say what?), so clearly I have a few too many plates spinning.  Or maybe I’ll use it for a story, at some later point, who knows.

I’ve also got some events coming up.  Lovely folks of Tintern College, I am coming your way on Monday 17 March, and then later again, in May.  I’ll be at Carey Grammar in May too, for the literature festival there, and the Melbourne Writers Festival Schools Program is in August, and I’ll be there!  I even bought some proper lady-clothes for all these things, yes indeed, so you won’t have to deal with the sight of me in my clean-out-the-chookhouse clobber.

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep working on Every Move.  I’m really looking forward to April, when things will be quieter, and I’ll be able to really get into it.  The weather here is cooling now, which is very conducive for working – it’s dark and quiet in the mornings, and not yet freeze-your-fingers-off temperatures, so I’ll be able to get up and make my thermos and sneak out to write into the cool, dim, quiet time before everyone yawns and wakens…

See you in the haunted supermarket J

Xx Ellie