Wednesday, 2 December 2015

EVERY WORD blog tour is over - sads, but thank youse all

Hello!   The North American blog tour for Every Word is over – sads.  I hope you had a good time checking out the various posts about the book, especially the silly one where I talked about chopping wood in thongs.  Before we go any further, I’d like to sincerely thank all the bloggers who participated – they did a mighty job, and showed amazing energy and enthusiasm, so I’ve listed them all here for awesomeness:

Eri at Airy Reads
Heather at Books & Quilts
Nicole and  at Reading Lark
Amanda at Gun in Act One
Angie at Angieville
Gillian at Writer of Wrongs
Shilpa at sukasareads
Sabrina at Hiver et Café
Adrienne at Books & Bassetts
Michelle at FAB Book Reviews
Leanne at authorleannedyck

Some people really went all out for their end of the tour – check out these amazing artworks!  I especially love the drawing of Rachel and James (I want that as a poster):

I’d also like to extend a special thank you to my Tundra liaison/publicist/blog tour manager and all round incredible person, Sylvia Chan.  Sylvia worked above and beyond the call on this tour of duty, and she has handled everything with her usual friendliness and calm, and I’m hugely appreciative of all the effort she put in.  Thank you Sylvia!!

Also, thank you to all of you who Liked, RTed, reposted, commented, added and joined in the Every Word tour – with your help, the news about Every Word will spread in the US and Canada, and Rachel and Mycroft will find some new friends.  I’m full of appreciation for everyone who gave the book a little nudge along, and I hope, if you put your name down for a giveaway, you get your heart’s desire!

Blog touring is some exhausting work (and it’s not even real *live* touring! Geddouttahere!) and I’ve gotta say, I’m very glad to be back in the writing groove for now.  I’m working on a New Thing, which is still a bit too new for me to talk about with confidence yet, but it’s coming along.  I’ve also got some good news – along with Gabrielle Tozer, Will Kostakis and Melissa Keil, I’m going to be headlining the CBCA National Conference in May 2016.  If you’re in Sydney then, do come along!

Until then – see you around the traps


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