Thursday, 10 July 2014

Every Word playlist, and I can’t believe we went camping!

In the rain and snow!  In July!  But hey, we did.  It’s school holidays, you’re supposed to do crazy stuff like that.  Well, maybe not that crazy.  But it was great!  I saw and played in and skied on solid snow for the first time in my life.  I fell down and lot and got a damp bum.  I had a good time, which is funny cos I was dreading it.

Much like book release periods – I dread being so busy that I can’t write, and I feel drained and exhausted afterwards, but I have a strangely fun time.  Now that Every Word is out there, fending for itself, I feel oddly unoccupied.  Wah!

Anyhoo, just for the feels, here’s something I promised I’d post up: the Every Word playlist.  These are the songs that inspired me during the writing of certain scenes, or just seemed to ear-worm me at different times while I was writing the book, and gave the writing a heartbeat.

Prytania – Mute Math: For the opening credits.  Something about this ‘shaka-shaka’ song really reminded me of Rachel and Mycroft’s whole journey for this book.

Rocksteady – The Bloody Beetroots: For the roller derby scene, obvs.

Gold on the Ceiling – The Black Keys: Mycroft’s current Black Keys fave – he always has a Black Keys song on the hop.

Lay Your Love on Me – Racey: For the hot make-out scene in Mycroft’s room.  I changed my mind a few times about this song, because I thought it was too daggy.  But you know, Mycroft is kind of daggy, in an off-beat way.  What finally convinced me in the end were the lyrics: ‘Every word you say/ every move you make now…’

Wide Load – Ainslie Wills:  This is a beautiful, mournful song of regret by a Ballarat singer-songwriter, and it set the mood perfectly for the scene where Rachel sees Mycroft through the window of his room, late at night.

London Calling – The Clash: Arriving in London.  What else could you use?  Plus, Mycroft mentions the Clash specifically during one of those hair-raising drives with Professor Walsh.

Royals – Lorde: In the Underground tunnel, before Alicia and Rachel visit the Sherlock Holmes museum. This song was soo big while I was in London, omg, it was played everywhere. 

Fine Shrine – Purity Ring : This is for Rachel, swimming back to consciousness after a (no spoilers!) traumatic event.  It sounds like a bubblegum pop song that’s been warped and turned inside out so you can see the entrails – which is a lot like I imagined Rachel would feel at that point.

Burning Down the House – Talking Heads: This song would not leave me alone during the writing of Every Word.  Honestly, it’s addictive – try it.

Stay – Rihanna: Out in the yard, before the final scene of the book.  Mentioned on p:327.

Straight Lines – Silverchair : Another song that ear-wormed me.  Consider it a final credits song – for me, it’s about trying to be good and find a balance in your life.

There you go!  Hope you like these tunes, and maybe they’ll give you a little perspective on where I was at while I was writing the book.  I’d like to say thank you too, to all the people who’ve written in, and posted reviews, and gotten in touch through Twitter and Facebook to say they’re loving Every Word.  That makes me incredibly happy.

The Goodreads giveaway has wound up – congratulations to the three winners, from the US, Canada, and Great Britain!  I’ll be sending your copies of Every Word through this week.  Thanks to everyone who participated in comps and giveaways on the blog tour, and again, special thanks to the book bloggers who supported the tour.  Hugs.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to keep you updated about the progress of Every Move, which I know people are keen to hear about (it’s going to the printers in November – that’s the current timeline, at any rate), and I might even have time soon to put up a new Crime Report interview, which is something I’ve been rather slack about.  Until then, hope you’re doing okay – the weather here is truly miserable and cold (I can’t believe we went camping!), with drips all down the windows, and mud on the front step.  We’re keeping the house fire stoked high, and drying our socks that way.  Hope the weather is better for you, wherever you might find yourself, and have a good week!

Xx Ellie

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