Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Launch Fever Baby!!!

Ok, this is just a quickie – this fortnight has been so crazy I just haven’t had time to get a post together.  I promise that the next blog post will be chockas, with pics of the launch parties and crime interviews and  lots of news – seriously, it will be the post of the century.

But right now, I just wanted to remind y’all that THERE IS A PARTY GOING ON.  It is this Friday night.  It is gonna be mega.  And if you want to come along, then RSVP…oh, y’know, forget that, just COME!

The Every Breath Castlemaine Big Bash is on Friday 20 September (last day of school!  yay!) at 6pm at Castlemaine Library.

There will be music…there will be door prizes…there will be food and drinks (mm, drinks)…there will be copies of the book on sale from Stoneman’s Bookroom…there will be me, looking a bit frazzled but basically okay, and having a very good time, because ALL the people I love will be there!

So come on over and help me celebrate.  Have a chat with mates, have a dance if you like, and just hang out on a lovely Friday evening for a few hours, on the first day of holidays.

It will be lovely to see you!!

Xx Ellie

PS - Hey, I got on a chart!!  Every Breath is the number 3 bestseller on the Readings Kids chart (omg, I beat Patrick Ness!! - who I love...but omg!!)  That is just...I can't even.  I'm gobsmacked.

xx E


  1. Will your books be available outside Australia too? Thank you:)

    1. Hi Christina! At the moment Every Breath (and the Every books to come) are available online to order and in Australia and NZ. But my agent has been talking to folks in the US and UK, and says she might have some good news soon... Fingers crossed!

      xx Ellie