Sunday, 19 May 2013

CALM! We must have CALM!!!!

I leave on Tuesday for Sydney.  I’m going up to see the lovely peoples from Allen & Unwin there, as well as meet my agent, Catherine, for the first time (after communicating via phone/internets for nearly a year).  I’m also going to an Australia Council bash – yes, I have agonised over clothes.  Most of you who know me know that my clothes fall somewhere along the spectrum from ‘chook-shed cleaning/chainsawing clothes’ to ‘look decent at a pub clothes’ and not much in between.

Apart from couture decisions, there’s so much to do!  Planning for meetings and organising flight paperwork and arranging child-care, along with other general life-house-mess stuff, and two of the boys have the lurgy, and…and…

I am repeating the ‘Calm!  We must have CALM!’ mantra.

While I’m away, I will be thinking up ideas for helping get Every Breath out into the world.  I have plans, oh yes.  Plans that involve giving things away, and making trailers, and extra stories, and blog tours, and free stuff…chime in if there’s anything you think I could do that would make the arrival of Every Breath more exciting!

Oh, and I’m going to throw a party!  Actually, I have plans for TWO parties!

I know, I’m going crazy!  Someone, please, stop me!  (Omg, that means I will have to find PARTY CLOTHES.  I’m officially freaking myself out now.)

But the launch is only…crap, it’s only 3 months away.  I’m getting that fluttery nervous anxious feeling in my gut just thinking about it.  Now I’ll have to go watch some Elementary re-runs or something to get a handle on it.

When I come back from Sydney, prepare for plans.  See you then!

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