Wednesday, 22 October 2014

On the tour bus with Every Breath

Every Breath blog touring promotes my tendency to ALL CAPS which is only fair and just, as the blog tour so far has been pretty freaking spectacular.  Folks have been incredibly enthusiastic, and reviews are beautiful beautiful things, and I would like to say THANK YOU – my gratitude knows no bounds!

People have been getting in touch to ask if there’s anything they can do to support Every Breath during the tour – thank you for asking, and yes!  I would like to suggest (if you want to help) that you buy the book, pass it around to friends, talk about it online (make sure you ping me on Twitter @elliemarney, and I will retweet you), give it as a present to someone, say hi and leave a review on Goodreads, put it on Facebook?Instagram/Tumblr/Pinterest…  If you’d like to help, go for it!  Remember to use the #EveryBreath hastag on Twitter for sharing!  Also, I’m far away from Canada and the US and the Philippines, but if YOU see the book on shelves somewhere in your town, please please do send me a pic – I would love to share sighting s of Every Breath in the wild!

Here’s the round-up from the last few days:

Day 1

 Shelly at Raindrops and Pages is “head over heels for this book . . . There are parallels to Sherlock Holmes-don’t let that deter you from reading this book/series. Every Breath is that good. It’s quickly become one of my favorite books that I’ve read, and it’s one that I’m going to have a very hard time restraining myself from literally throwing it at people and going ‘READ THIS.’”
 Jo Ann at Journey of a Bookseller says, “There’s a lot of good fantasy, action, and brain work in this story and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them. It’s a budding romance and a great partnership. Give me more!” @bkfaerie
 Lisa at Bookish Broads shouts, “IT IS AMAZING GO AND READ IT YOU WILL LOVE EVERYTHING. Because you will. I mean it…. EVERY BREATH is smart, dark, snarky and sexy all wrapped up into one unputdownable package…. I wanted to read this forever.”@BookishBroads
Day 2

Jen at The Starry-Eyed Revue invites Ellie Marney over for tea – Mycroft-style. You know you want it. There’s even a video to teach you how to make the tea!
Love this >> <<
 Shilpa at Sukasa Reads chats with Ellie Marney about the book, forensics, life, films, writing, and the FUTURE.
 Mandy C. at Forever Young Adult has Ellie Marney (aka the Crime Queen) share her 10 rules on how to write a crime story. Join them for part 1 (part 2, Mandy’s review, will be posted tomorrow).
Day 3 (not done yet - this news hot off the press)

Lauren at Love Is Not A Triangle says "This book is a winner!" - Ellie Marney takes you on a virtual tour of Melbourne (with pics!) and there is a delicious giveaway on the blog


Rachel at The Reader's Den says "Every Breath was a breath of fresh air...with multi-layered characters, a twisty mystery, and a swoon-worthy romance!"


I would like to give all the bloggers involved in this tour a giant HUG, and send them TimTams (that could still happen).  Someone I especially want to send presents to is Sylvia, my editor at Tundra – in fact, I have a special gift for her and Tara and Pamela and Five and the whole Tundra team, but I’ve been so flat out I haven’t had a chance to post it yet (I will, Sylvia, this week I PROMISE).

Finally - the Inkys! They were wonderful – I went to the Inky Awards ceremony yesterday, and met all the amazing authors on the Gold Inky shortlist (Claire Zorn, Allyse Near, Amie Kaufman, Will Kostakis – you rock).  Best of all, I met a whole lot of students from all over the place who had come to listen and watch and clap enthusiastically and generally be inspiring.  Congratulations to Will Kostakis, who took out the Gold Inky for his fantastic book, The First Third.  Will is a doll, and was kind enough to introduce me to his Yiayia (grandmother) who had come to the ceremony with him – all the way from Sydney.  Congrats also to Julie Berry, whose book All The Truth That’s In Me won the (international) Silver Inky for awesomeness.

Take care, may Every Breath rock on, and have a great week!

Xx Ellie

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