Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Most Especially Very Good Day

It is a most especially very good day when you finally see your book out on the shelves.

Every Word has been released into the wild, and it's an amazing thing.  I have to say it’s a very strange feeling, seeing your book looking all book-like on a shelf in a shop – it always spins me out a little, in a good way (a very good way!) to know that people are seeing and reading the book for the first time.  For some reason this second book process has produced a swirl of nerves, rather distinct and different from Every Breath.  I suppose it’s to do with anxiety about what people will think – will they enjoy it as much as the first book?  Does it meet people’s expectations and standards?  Maybe that’s something you feel particularly with a series, because you want to do the characters and the whole show justice, and you hope like hell that people will think you’ve matched the heights (or lows, or whatever) of the first book.

I’m going to put my worries aside for the moment though, because Every Word seems to be making people happy – early reviews are starting to come in, and they’ve been very complimentary (relief!), and if you'd like to read some of the nice things folks are saying, have a look:

And I did a guest post here at Speculating on Spec Fic, in which I talk a bit about the process of writing the series, and here at Cereal Readers, answering some questions about the book.  There are giveaways on at most of these websites too, if you're keen to have a go at winning a copy.

I've got some lovely things of my own to give away - check this out!

Yes, these little beauties are library bags, and they will be on hand at the Every Word launch in Melbourne (Readings Carlton, Thursday 12 June, 6.30pm - come along!) and at the Castlemaine Bash at the library on Friday 20 June 6pm - I'll be giving them away as door prizes, and it will be fun to see people walking around town with their EW library bags!

I'll also have them with me when I go wandering...yes, I'm going to Sydney!  I'm quite excited about that.  I'll be visiting Sydney from Friday 27 June until Sunday 29 June, to see my publisher (they all want cake! so demanding!) and to drop in at some bookshops and sign copies of the book.  I'm hoping to set up a time and place where I can meet up with people who are keen to come and have a chat, so if you let me know your favourite bookshop, I might be able to accommodate you there.

What else has been happening...well, I've been spending a lot of time online and my husband is about ready to throw my phone in the dam again (please don't! I just got a new one that doesn't over-heat...) and I've been working my other job (yes, you have to have one of those), and spending a bit of quality time with my boys.  I've also been editing Every Move, which is quite exciting - and heart-breaking sometimes, but I try not to angst too much about that - and I've started watching Hannibal, a rather creepy show adapted from Thomas Harris's magnificent book, The Silence of the Lambs (tip: don't watch Hannibal while you're eating dinner).

If you're a student of Castlemaine Secondary College - hey, I'm coming to see you!  I'll be at CSC Literature Festival on 18 June, running a workshop on plotting the perfect crime.  I'm also going to be speaking at the Wheeler Centre on Monday 23 June, and popping in at Wendouree library on Wednesday 25 June before the exciting trip to Sydney, and the equally exciting Death in July Festival of women's crime writing in Ballarat in (you guessed in) July.  See you there!

I'd like to do a new post soon on the songlist for Every Word - it definitely has a songlist - and a bit about my all-time favourite books, but until then, hope you're all travelling well, and if you're round and about for the Every Word launch/es, please do come along :)

xx Ellie

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