Sunday, 16 June 2013

YA Crime Report: unsuspecting guests

I have some awesome news!

No, it’s not that the cover of Every Breath is ready to show off – that won’t happen for about another week or so, according to my editor.  But I do have some other good news!

It’s this: Now, you might remember that early last month I did a short article on YA Contemporary about crime becoming the new vogue in YA circles…  What, you didn’t read it?  Oh well, maybe you didn’t get around to it, but I’m gonna keep banging on about it.  Because I honestly reckon that crime is getting more popular in YA, as a new niche for writers and readers (which is all good, as far as I’m concerned – come on, I did write a murder mystery).

Now hang on, here’s the good bit.

Some of the authors I profiled in that article, and also a few other amazing authors and special people I know, have been generous enough to agree to GUEST POST ON THIS BLOG.  Outstanding!

So dress nice, people, we’re having guests.

Over the next few months, I’m going to feature a new guest every alternating post.

Lili Wilkinson (A Pocketful of Eyes, The Zig Zag Effect) will be coming in, as well as Rebecca James (Beautiful Malice, Sweet Damage) and Kim Kane (Cry Blue Murder).

Castlemaine locals will also swing through – both the lovely Simmone Howell (Girl Defective), and Kirsten Krauth (just_a_girl), debut novelist and all-round cool chick, will be dropping over for a coffee and a chat.

And I’ve also asked a couple of real-live forensic specialists to say hi, and give us the ins and outs of professional forensic process, so break out your magnifying glass and your Tyvek.

All these gorgeous guests will be touching on the theme of crime, with particular emphasis on crime writing and Young Adults.  We’re having a CRIME PARTY, guys.  Wow – this is just like playing Cluedo in your living room, or How to Host A Murder!  (But without the crazy costumes.  I mean, you can still read this while you’re in your pyjama onesies and ugg boots, which has to be an added bonus. I know I said ‘dress nice’, but this is the internets)

So see you next time, with our first guest, and have a good week.  And if you’re in Victoria, stay warm xx

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