Thursday, 17 January 2013

Stuff that happened over Christmas

* Received books for Christmas – I must have been good.  In fact, I must have been very good – I received books recommended for me by Leanne Hall, one of my favourite YA authors.  Yep, my partner went into Readings Carlton, where Leanne works, and asked her for some recs for me.  For me!  I am full of squee just thinking about it.  She recced me Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield and a collection of short stories from The Paris Review, as chosen by a selection of amazing authors.  Thanks Leanne!  (And thank you for the pressie, love)
* Drove eight hours on my birthday (Boxing Day) to get to our campsite – beach!!
* Listened to I’m Sexy and I Know it on continuous repeat.  For a long time.  In the car.
   Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah.
* Had my toenails painted sparkly red by a friend’s daughter.  You rock, Tahlia!
* Drank wine by a campfire.  Aah..!
* Wrote a YA story about a trapeze artist and a strongman escaping a terrible crime in their past. (see prev post ‘All the little bones’)
I researched a lot about travelling show people before I wrote it.  It’s pretty cool stuff – did you know that traditional travelling show people in the UK/US have their own language?  It’s called ‘parlari’ or ‘parlyari’, and it’s a mix of Irish tinker’s cant (‘jib’ or ‘gammon’), and European and Mediterranean language groups.  It’s part of a long heritage of private language used by sailors, travellers, performers, and circus and fairground folk, who require a language unintelligible to outsiders.
* Saw a pod of dolphins come right into the bay where we camped.  Some of them were jumping metres into the air.
* Shared good food and rich conversation with old friends.
* Congratulated a friend who peed into a cup, to treat a girl who got stung by a blue bottle at the beach.  It’s kind of disgusting, but it really works!
* Splashed into the surf to call people back when a huge seal started diving through the waves right next to them.  Maybe the seal wanted to boogy board too, but apparently seals can do a bit of damage if they bump you off by accident.
* Ate fresh grilled fish, caught by my son during his first spear-fishing expedition ever.
* Discovered, when I got home, that some of my jade plants have died.  That’s bad.  I’m afraid I am a bit superstitious about jade plants – they bring you money – so I will be cultivating new ones, maybe even buying a new one or two, as an investment for 2013.
* Rode my bike out along the back ways, as far as the rusty old windmill.
* Began the redrafts of my second book.
* Read Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell – I loved it – and Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari and Misery by Stephen King.  I have made a promise that this year I will read at least one book a month that features adults as main characters – my son has said he will read one classic book a month, so we are matching each other.  Misery counts for December.  So far in 2013, I’ve read The Recruit by Robert Muchamore (great fun, but doesn’t count), and Elementals: Storm by Brigid Kemmerer (YA supernatural romance, doesn’t count) and I’m a quarter of the way into Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield (fantastic so far, but also doesn’t count).  If you have any good recs (YA or adult), hit me up.

That's it.  Hope your Christmas was an awesome one.


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